30 Days to Lean: Eat Healthier and Lose Weight


Do you find that no matter what you do you still gain a few unwanted pounds each year?

BodySmartWay’s 30 Days to Lean program may be what you need. It is not a diet. It’s a program that facilitates lifestyle change for people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

On 30 DTL, you won’t starve yourself, eat flavorless or bland foods, or do insanely intense workouts.  I will do more than just tell you to eliminate sugar or carbs from your diet. This program is an immersion into a way of thinking about the foods that go into our bodies. The foods you eat and do not eat work to help you lose weight.

I will show you exactly what foods to eat not just for health but for real weight loss and provide you with recipes, shopping lists and a meal calendar. I am a health coach, but with 30 DTL you won’t need to come to weekly meetings or weigh-ins.  My program is unique and built around email, texting, and phone calls (if needed).  It is designed for busy people who are serious about changing their lives and maintaining a weight they are healthy and happy at.

This is a low key but oh so hugely effective program.

Check out Testimonials from former 30 Days to Lean clients to hear more about what this program can do for you.


Thirty Days to Lean members are successful because they are forming new routines built around food. I help them incorporate the mindset of “when we eat – we eat!” We eat breakfast. We eat lunch. We eat dinner. And when we eat, we enjoy it! It is what life in great part is about – enjoying foods with family and friends!


But here’s the thing: many people cannot lose weight successfully and long term because they misunderstand what eating healthy vs eating healthy for weight loss entails. My members lose weight quickly because they are eating the right foods that create better health and hormonal balance (yes men too) while decreasing inflammatory responses in the body through making better food choices.


As one member Steve Mc Mullen said,” The psychology and simplicity of this new eating routine is very liberating. It’s back to the basics of real food enjoyment while acquiring better health and losing weight for good. Kim helps enormously just through simple texts and informational emails.  She’s the real deal. I lost 29 lbs in 60 days  6 months after my bypass surgery.”


How I Help You

I will give you tried and true enormously great tasting recipes that you will love (men included and I love couples working this program together – families too as you will see) based on high nutrient values. While you will not be cooking all day, cooking is important. All you have to do is follow BodySmartWay instructions via email.

You will be eating lots of vegetables but you will also be eating an abundance of good fats, proteins and fiber. “The best part of Kim’s plan”, says Brenda Carr, who lost 24 lbs in 60 days and has kept it off for over one year are the great tasting recipes, weekly grocery lists, and weekly daily menus. It’s all there for you! Little by little, you just get smarter at eating and losing weight.”


Cindy Writes

 Hi Kim Down 10 lbs in 30 days.  Total weight loss is 10lbs. Due to 1/3 of the days on the road, I am very pleased with 10 lbs.

I believe I am in the “flow” of making better choices and it just seems more natural. Plan to continue for 30 more lbs. to go. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!!


The goal of 30 Days to Lean, however, is not to have you eat exactly what is on the menus for the rest of your lives, but rather to create in you a base of healthful immersion into a simpler way of being over the next 60.-90 days. My goal is to make you smarter about what it really takes to get leaner, healthier, and unstoppable in continuing to do what you want to do. This immersion process makes all the difference in getting out of the diet mentality and into lifestyle mentality.  My members joke that I am always saying to eat and enjoy. I gotta tell you, I love this. I want you, your spouse, your significant other, and your family to eat and enjoy! I promise, if you are not satisfied with the program then I am not. You will receive 100% money back if unsatisfied for any reason!



There are many weight loss programs, so why choose my 30 Days to Lean?

  • Menus, recipes and grocery lists come through e-mail
  • I am personally available to you by text, e-mail and phone
  • You can live anywhere in the world and do this program!
  • I have been the  personal trainer at the gorgeous Serenata Beach Club in Ponte Vedra since 2002 and am happy to answer training questions for you as well. Consider it all part of this unique package.
  • I love what I do and I am on a mission to make a difference in how people feel. I want you lean and mean too.  Well maybe not mean!
  • Couples and children under 18 can be a part of 30 Days to Lean at no extra cost.
  • I wanna have fun with you – no old style dieting stuff here!
  • Programs run every 1st Monday of the month guaranteed, so count on it, but let me know atleast 5 days in advance of the first Monday of the month you want to begin!

What to Do Now

Just text, call, or email me if you have questions or want to sign up immediately. Plans run every first Monday of the month!  904 501 6002. [email protected].  And just in case you are wondering who I am, go to my about page and don’t forget to check out all my testimonials. Reading them will give you a real feel for how I work things behind the scenes so you can just focus, have fun, and do  this thing called weight loss and healthy living right!

I have trained and coached many physicians and all of them have highly recommended me and my 30 Days To Lean Programs. If you are pre diabetic or on metforin, have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, or poor health numbers in general, this program may be a perfect fit for you!  Just check with your doctor first and we are set to go.


I love working with couples and creating a healthy way of life for them together. I love helping families who want to inspire healthy living in their children. And I love bringing this unique program to the wider community because we are all impacted by each other. Let’s do this everyone! It’s  going to be fun! You my friends have nothing at all to lose! No pun intended!

What a difference 30 DAYS made!

Don’t worry there is a second phase II 30 Days to Lean plan so we can seal in the lifestyle habits and make you even smarter about what to eat for weight loss and increasing health to the body!

Lbs Lost

Approx Age


Matt 24 Mid 30 I lost so quickly I thought I deflated.
Paula 18 50’s Physically more energetic.
John 15 40’s Being in control feels good.
Janet 12 70’s People are noticing.
Cathy 23 Mid 60’s Good energy, smaller belly.
Rick 23 Early 60 Cinched 2 belt notches.
Susan 11 Mid 50 E-mail & Text are great. No meetings!
Jen 9.3 Late 40’s My BP is down. Loved the soup recipes.
Dave 20 Late 40 Feel a ton better.
Mary Ellen 8 Mid 50’s Thinking is clearer.


Lock In LEAN – Second Session

Breaking eating habits of a lifetime is not easy but it can be fun! This second session will establish that process.

You will receive –

  • Daily meal plans with increased variety, all recipes, and grocery lists.
  • Weekly accountability via texting.
  • One, two and three day cleanses to fit your lifestyle.
  • Recipes for entertaining that your friends will love.
  • How to eat carbohydrates and still lose weight.


To sign up now just  send me a text, or email/call for questions.  Nothing complex. We begin the first Monday of every month! Just give me a five day notice, as I want you to feel uber prepared and get excited about your new lifestyle to come! It’s going to be fun everyone!

All My Best,