Testimonials and Client Success Stories

“At one point, I wore size 20 women’s in CJ Banks pants. I’ve ordered, and fit into, size 10 Missy!! WHOOHOO!!!! And you know what? I look good in this size!!I feel darned good physically, feel really close to as fit as I want to feel. This is fantastic and simply IS new for me.

What I realized today, Kim, is that no food, other than the occasional treat, is worth losing this size or this feeling for. Because I think the occasional burger, side salad, and beer are important to me,I now know how to recover and would because of everything I’ve learned from working with you.

This program hasn’t been that hard, I love most all of the foods, and it is now only REAL food that I eat. “Thank you” is way too mild to tell you. You and this program are treasures, truly.”

From 220 to 139 ( 185 to 139 on the Live Healthy Real Foods Program).

“At one point, I wore size 20 women’s in CJ Banks pants. I’ve ordered, and fit into, size 10 Missy!! WHOOHOO!!!! And you know what? I look good in this size!!I feel darned good physically, feel really close to as fit as I want to feel. This is fantastic and simply IS new for me.

What I realized today, Kim, is that no food, other than the occasional treat, is worth losing this size or this feeling for. Because I think the occasional burger, side salad, and beer are important to me,I now know how to recover and would because of everything I’ve learned from working with you.

This program hasn’t been that hard, I love most all of the foods, and it is now only REAL food that I eat. “Thank you” is way too mild to tell you. You and this program are treasures, truly.”

From 220 to 139 ( 185 to 139 on the Live Healthy Real Foods Program).

Professor Carol Steinhauss

“Could hardly believe my own eyes when I put this together for you!

The far right image was taken today AFTER dinner on our Keene city Christmas gazebo.
We sure don’t look the same! Don’t feel the same! Don’t behave the same (regarding food!)

Again, with our appreciation to you for coaching us on a path to restored health and vitality!”

Linda & Bob

Thank you so much Kim. I am so glad that my friend Carol referred me to you. As you know  I lost 42 pounds and I’m feeling GREAT. My energy is sky high. When I went to my doctor she was so elated and my A1C is just perfect under 5.4.  I know how to eat and I enjoy eating this way. I’m off BP meds now and as a bonus my husband lost 30 total pounds with me. He can stop now!  We are going hiking together again and I cant thank you enough. I still have about 25 more pounds to lose but I’m  confident I can do it and without all the pain of fighting myself. Your program and coaching me to success has changed my life in so many great ways and for that I can’t thank you enough.”

Married  50 years and down 70 pounds in 4 short months.

At age 75, Sue embarked on a 4-month path to reclaim her life and vitality.

Having bid farewell to alcohol in 2021, she sought a more profound change, leading her to enroll in the Live Healthy program in August 2023. What ensued was an inspiring journey marked by simplicity, improved nutrition, and shedding unwanted weight, not solely for physical betterment but for holistic emotional and mental healing.

Sue, a retired teacher and devoted grandmother with a penchant for golf, gardening, and caring for her three horses, was already leading an active life. However, Live Healthy became the catalyst for her pursuit of a more balanced existence. Coping with the recent loss of her parents, Sue aimed to find solace and release from emotional burdens.

In four short months, Sue achieved her weight loss goal, shedding 32 pounds and adopting a routine of recumbent biking, starting at 5 am and gradually progressing to an impressive 30 minutes, five days a week.

Beyond the physical, Sue said on our last call together that she is more confident and empowered, declaring a newfound boldness and resilience. Her transformation, she said, extends beyond the physical realm, positively impacting her relationships and emotional well-being.

Sue found inner peace by addressing unresolved issues with her brother and eliminating negativity.

She believed her late parents would be proud witnesses to her remarkable transformation. Sue affirmed that she was grateful for regaining her freedom and approaching life with renewed vigor, “I have my life back, and I’m thriving again.”

Her inspirational story illustrates that it’s never too late for a journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Great job, Sue!  The Live Healthy Team celebrates you!

Sundays are for dreaming about all the possibilities in you. Dreaming is not just for kids.
Be confident that when you follow the Live Healthy program, you’ll have everything you need to lean up and get back to the basics of who you are.
There’s no need to look for shiny new objects. You have the concrete step by step menus of the immersion process. Just follow the meal plans of the first 8 weeks as well as the 3 keystone habits. Be clean to the menus and eat the right amount of food for you at each meal so that you are hungry but not shaky famished.
Then sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the Live healthy emails, audio recordings, zoom meet up recordings, and FB group posts. Listen. Relisten. Read. Reread. Stay in the energy of positivity and know that this is the more nuanced part of the program that is going to make this a real lifestyle change where you are no longer fighting yourself to live the life that you see for yourself.
Don’t gloss over this piece as it is the part that will get you to success and give you your freedom.
Your willingness to allow this positivity and knowledge to be absorbed will shape how you think, how you feel, and how you react to challenges.
And… how you think, how you feel, and how you react to challenges will determine your SUCCESS.
Everything is here for you to get to your freedom and live the life that you see for yourself! Enjoy it all everyone and allow yourself the grace that is needed for success.
Be at peace and go do the work.
Congratulations to member Bernadene Wasserleben who followed the keystone habits like a champ. After 4 months lost 41 pounds and is looking great!


We see photos like Dan’s all the time. People who have lost weight and are feeling great now.

Until…until they don’t feel great, they gain the weight back, and old habits return.

What makes Dan different at 80 years old?

His lifestyle has become a part of who he is, so he no longer fights himself to do the right things. He’s a changed man who has dialed in the proper habits, eating the right foods for him, and changed internally, gaining peace and freedom… and a killer tennis game too!

And…by the way, he lost 42 pounds in 4 months. He’s still working on another ten, but as he says, “life gets better.”

If we accept that we’re going to fail our way to success in the change process, that’s a starting point for acquiring the right mindset so that we don’t get into the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

In almost every other area of our lives, we accept that to do anything of great significance, we’ll fail a hundred times. Ironically, when it comes to healthy living and aging, we don’t accept that. That mindset has to change if we are to elevate ourselves as we head into what should be the most freedom-filled time of our lives.

Meet Dan (80) & Ruth (73)!

Take a listen to what Dan and Ruth have to say after leaning up in Live Healthy. Dan and Ruth love life!



Thanks Kim, these are my physical transformation since joining Live Healthy in mid July 2022. Before and after pictures I am proud to post. Thanks for being a great coach and quiding me along.  I could not have done this without your guidance. My mindset has vastly changed and I’m looking forward to my future. Your support combined with my strong constitution made this possible. I know I did the work but you helped me to master the mindset needed to make this a REAL lifestyle change and for that I am forever grateful.

Pat Ronczka

“The whole 16 weeks has been a very fruitful learning and life changing experience. Very simply, I learned what and how I can eat and drink if I want to lose weight and I have regained control of my health, including my blood pressure, blood sugar and liver enzymes, which are all now normal. At age 62, my goal originally was to go from my starting weight of 274 lbs to 220 lbs and to impress my primary care doctor with my weight loss, since she had been constantly urging me to lose weight and I was actually gaining weight.

Well, at the end of he program, I got down to 229 lbs and I am certain that I will soon reach and surpass my original weight loss goal. More importantly, my primary care doctor at my September 2022 appointment, took me off of 1000 mg/day metformin for blood sugar, took me off of norvask for blood pressure and reduced my statin medication by one half for cholesterol control. My blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol are all now normal and my primary care physician was impressed with my weight loss.

Yesterday, I had a routine appointment with my GI specialist regarding my fatty liver and abnormal liver enzymes. All my liver enzyme lab results have resolved to normal and he said that the weight loss was the major factor.

At a recent visit to my dentist, my dental hygienist greeted me by saying that “I looked great.” That is something that has not happened to me for the last 15 years and that I missed, e.g. getting unsolicited complements about my appearance. I am now wearing pants and shirts that I haven’t worn for 15 years and I feel great and energized. My bathroom smart scale says that I lost 9% body fat and that my metabolic age has decreased by 4 years.

The bottom line, is that the mirror doesn’t lie, and I am now more comfortable with my appearance.

Thank you for your role as healthy living “coach” in all the above.”

Thad Sliwinski

“Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout this process, my journey! I have never felt so confident and sure of myself about losing more weight and keeping it off permanently. But the real bonus is No More Inflammation and no more low blood sugar.

I just received a Thanksgiving invitation from my niece with a list of foods that will be offered. That will be a test but I’ll have time to plan what I can take to share with everyone.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. You and your family are in my daily prayers always. Take care and thank you again my friend.”

Mary Breese

Just got my labs done and everything looks great.  A1C went from 5.9 to 5.5.  Doc is pleased.  Have stopped losing and am not gaining. It’s very easy to maintain just like you said it would be. I’ve lost 41 pounds in the 4 months and I exceeded your expectations.  I’m so grateful I found your program.” Age 71

Myrna Temte

I got my grit back and it feels so good! I am down 48 pounds! Took a woman like you, Kim to fire me up again. Not a man…. a Bad ass woman. Something that has been dormant for a long time has come alive. I feel more like who I really am and who I am supposed to be than I have in a long, long time.

I played ice hockey at all levels, from the park to the pros. Now at age 66…in March 2019 I found myself 70 pounds overweight. And…sick and tired of the associated problems. Kim took me on and we started on March 1. I have lost 40 pounds so far….30 to go. Yes there are shopping lists and recipes and menus….but more important by a factor of TEN is the personal coaching from Kim Miller. I have been coached by some of the all time greats in several sports….but NO ONE has ever motivated me more and cared for me more at the same time…like Kim has. Kim knows food and she knows what makes us tick. She is by FAR the best listener I have ever known. She is tough as nails and soft as smoke….at the same time. Kim has motivated me to make the changes I need in my life to recover the BEST me I had lost. Run….don’t walk….to get signed up with Kim. You can do this….I am living proof.”


Dave Arundel, NHL 1970-1974

“I am forever grateful for how you have inspired hope in my husband. You are magic Kim, thank you!” Barbara Starke Cooke

                      Ed Cooke, Former Miami Dolphins

“I am busy. There are a lot of things going on in my life. I exercise 5 days a week and was In pretty good shape.  But I had a layer of extra weight all over of maybe 15 total extra pounds that was requiring so much focus and energy to get rid of that it was becoming a major life effort.

I knew Kim personally and had not seen her waiver 1 pound in her weight in 12 years. So I figured why not let her drive the train and do all the thinking? I decided to just follow orders so I could continue to do all the other things I was doing in my life.

What Happened was Kim’s program is so painless, easy to do and powerful that I was able to lose the weight completely, get down to my college playing weight that I had not seen for 40 years all the while doing everything else I was involved in at the same time!  And my wife did also! We can hardly believe it!

We are NEVER hungry, look forward to our meals and don’t feel like we’re missing anything.   It’s amazing. I don’t know why I haven’t been eating like this all my life. Plus I believe it’s permanent. I believe this is not a temporary thing. We are going to stay at this weight. She offers a tremendous amount of fantastic information that is subtle and the results of 30 years of her life‘s work. And I am the beneficiary.

I don’t know how there could be a better program on the whole planet. There may be some others somewhere that are just as good but it would be impossible to have one that is better. I highly recommend this program. It’s the best thing we’ve done as far as our weight goes for 30 years.”

I’m at just about perfect. 196 this morning!!!  Wow!!  Haven’t been there in 30 years. Plus I’m eating everything I want!  The desire for sugar and desserts is gone! It’s amazing and the positive is 15 times greater than the negative. It’s a spectacular trade off. Our meals are fulfilling, filling, and delicious. Excellent food at every turn. So much fun working this with my wife Teza and Kim!”

“Halleluja! I should’ve done this 15 years ago!”

Carter Lord, 73 year old former NFL player, athlete and wife Teza author “We are One.” See Carter’s video testimonial HERE.


Teza Lord, 73 year old spiritual activist and author. Check out ZLORD on iTunes podcast or Zlord.libsyn.com  


Down 35 lbs in just 4 short months.

“Kim Miller is a true professional with a great depth of knowledge in fitness and weight loss. When you work with her you will discover her genuine dedication to the overall well-being of her clients. She is no nonsense, honest and focused on you. 

Her approach was perfect for us and we both are so grateful to her and how she was able to not just help us get the weight off, but to positively affect the way we see our lives as we move forward.”

                      Dave & Jen Miller, educator and executive Gordon Foods

– Lose 30 pounds going from 204 to 173 lean mean pounds and easy to maintain.
– Increase energy.
– Like what you look like.
– Worry less
– Sleep better
– Get your power back
– Get back to fitness
– Reduce aches and pains ( osteo arthritis).
– Establish rock solid new eating habits
– Feel better and get to Ecstatic ( I think that is the word you used! Ha).
– Improve Health numbers especially BP, blood panel numbers in cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and blood sugar.
Current numbers – cholesterol 223, Triglycerides 130, HDL 40, LDL 153
– Decrease Rx Drugs with doctors permission as weight goes down.
– Clarity in Combining skill set and helping others with income opportunities.

Lighter both physically and mentally. More self satisfaction, more positive, and confident. I am okay and good with me…
Pants falling off. I’m back to me again – lean, healthy, fit, and strong. Thanks Kim!!”

Darrell in Philadelphia

Darrell in Philadelphia, all around athlete. Goals : May 4, 2020 to August 4 2020 ( 3 month goal)

Professor Carol Steinhauss age 72 Michigan: “I have been thinking how I am getting way more from you and this program than I expected. You are literally changing and improving my life, not just my nutrition. I love it and appreciate it!
Big time thanks, Kim. You’re a great mentor and teammate.

This is the year I learn to take some time to finish what I begin. Bad habits stop, no more regrets, a step out of the red. Open arms and an open heart to all that lies ahead. My faith carries me, I’ll keep holding on…I feel like I am running out of time. And any time I am in real trouble I have relied on physical stuff to help me realize I am strong enough to survive….biked up a mile and a half steep grade today. Then home and I found you on FB. Great plan! Great connection to you. Good thing I answered your FB post when I did… Carol

Four months later I am 138 pounds ( started at 177pounds) and my doctor said my health numbers are now that of a young 20 year old! You got me here Kim and there is no going back. I’m keeping you so you can get me to a 5K run non stop!”

                    Professor Carol Steinhausage 

“Kim, I want to thank you for all your help with the design and coaching during our time together. I can now say that I am back to my playing weight of 180 lbs and I’m not stopping there!

As you know, in February my weight had ballooned up to 197 lbs which I chalked up to porterhouse steaks and red wine. Not ideal for a former defensive back and center fielder (40 years ago). Your program was just what I needed to get serious and make the transformation.

The meal program with foods that taste great and are easy to prepare set me on a healthy eating journey that I have maintained for the past 10 weeks. The weekly coaching sessions really helped me focus on what matters and gave me attainable goals. I really appreciate your candor, friendship and professionalism throughout this journey.

Once again, thank you for all your help and dedication to all us “bad asses” out there!”

Mike Brown, 58, NY, Wall Street

“Before Kim, I had never had a “Wellness Coach”. I had been a Head Coach for nearly 40 years but having Kim for 4 months was the best health decision I have ever made for myself. My blood pressure, cholesterol, bloodwork were off the charts. Now all my numbers are good.

I feel very good both physically and mentally about my health.

Kim was pretty strict in the beginning but this was truly the easiest and I think healthiest way to regain my body back.

I am proud to have worked with Kim. She provided both recommendations for diet, health and life. She was with me every step of the way and many people who see me are shocked at my results.

The ONLY program where I have not gained back weight. The #1 Weight loss and KEEP OFF the weight and get back your athletic/lighter body. Feels Great!”

                  Bob Stoll, 65

National Wrestling Hall of Fame (Ohio Chapter),
National Coach of the Year – Wrestling USA

“These two pictures really depict the change in me after your program. Thanks again for all your help! You rock!”

Nilsa’s Goals: 4 months/all accomplished
– weigh 135 – 140 by September 18th
– be able to pick up grandkids with no knee back, and tendonitis pains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67kWAAJuyDA&feature=youtu.be
– increase cardiovascular endurance
– have less desires for junk food and alcohol as evolves in the program
– decrease periods of brain fog
– look good and feel good about it
– 3 big goals are get rid of aches and pains, lose weight and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Accomplished! Weight goal shy by 4 pounds, but down 40 solid pounds!


“Today I will be a champion. I am wearing my champion T-shirt. It is my 48th wedding anniversary! August 12, 1972. We were both 19. For probably 20 years I could not look at a photo of myself. Now I am proud to show this off and I am not done yet! Thank you so much for helping remind me that I am a champion and a warrior and a bad ass! This is me, the disciple of a Real Warrior. God bless your day. With love, Dave” 

Kim…when you weigh less…you have more feelings
I feel things now. I felt this song
I am not sure what it was saying to me
Who is the “you” in the song?
The you…I think …is ME.
I give myself away. That is who God created me to be.
It is hard to give yourself away when you are  overweight.
Now…I am getting back to my real self.
The self that encourages, lifts up, heals broken hearts and sets captives free.
With or without you…
With or without food….
But for now…without too much food or the wrong food.
Damn…I was so inspired.
I can’t explain it.
But…this song made me want to keep going.
To get even more lean.
To be the man God created me to be 50 years ago and NOW until the end.
Thanks for uplifting me in this journey. You have truly brought out the badass is me again.

                 Dave Arundle, 68, MN

 Former gold medal hockey player.
Down 65 pounds and keeping it off easily.

“The BodySmartWay Live Healthy program has worked wonders for my husband and me. My husband Don lost 35 pounds and I lost 20 pounds over the 4 month course program with Kim. I always thought I was cooking light and being careful about the meal choices to keep our weight at a healthy level but even with all my efforts we still kept putting the weight on. The adjustments Kim helped us make in our food choices and our outlook and perspective of our food consumption was monumental. Not only are we feeling better physically and more energetic but it really changes the mental clarity. Don is maintaining his weight and still wants to keep working at his goal to lose another 10 pounds. The success of the program, thanks to Kim and her excellent coaching and counseling throughout the entire time taught us so much more than we ever thought.”

Don and Sharon, 72 & 67, AZ

“Just pulled off my first sub 10 min mile, not only for one but for five miles straight!

This eating stuff  works, and Kim got me into the police academy by showing me how to lose 35 pounds and get fit again! At 49 I am the oldest to pass the test. 

Thanks so much for all the time you devoted to us to make this a true lifestyle change. We are very grateful. 

The changes you have inspired in Terry is something I’ll be forever thankful for. You have changed our lives. Thank you!!!”

Kristin & Terry Kirkelson

“My final weigh in this morning was at 248.9

Not what I was hoping for, BUT I did get some excellent news blood chemistry wise.
Cholesterol: 95…usually it is 189-200
HDL: 34 (little to no exercise)…usually less than 31 historically , even when exercising
LDL: 84…usually 95 and higher up to 125 historically
TRI’s: 84…usually 185 up to 300 at times….HUGE difference. Other areas improved very well too.

Blood glucose was 83 fasting. This has usually been close to 100 and some times higher…pre-diabetic.”

Eric M.

“I started working with Kim mainly to help my husband lose weight. A friend told me she is excellent and focuses on understanding your unique needs. To say the least, she is that and so much more!

Kim has taught us how to change our lifestyle in such a positive way. Personally, I thought I ate healthy most of the time but now I feel that we have been given the knowledge to eat the way we really should be eating.

Making better choices at the grocery store, at restaurants, & while traveling, are all part of Kim’s amazing program. The recipes get you on the right track to eating really delicious meals. The menus help you preplan your week which is a wonderful tool for people with very busy lives.

It is a commitment & takes time but reinforces the importance of a positive lifestyle change. After detoxing you have an increase in energy & realize the importance of your commitment to Kim’s program. I have reached my goal weight & love the food I eat.

I would highly recommend meeting with Kim to get a new outlook on how to eat & exercise in an amazing life style change program that will be a very positive part of the rest of your life.
 John & I would like to thank you very much for sharing your passion of positive energy through diet & exercise with us.”

Debbie A.

“Thanks Kim!
I am down a total of 80lbs following your lifestyle healthy eating program!

This past month I had my last 10-15 pounds to lose. While I only lost 6lbs I am feeling good. My compliance was low this month as I’m still trying to find balance with work and mommy life. I wanted to lose more but I am super happy I did lose some.

The last of this weight has proven to be the hardest as I had 10-15 to lose before pregnancy. I have no doubt I’ll get there as I’m going to continue to follow your program which I so much love because it is easy to implement because I understand so much better what my body needs.

I love that my body now craves healthy foods.

The water intake and the soups are always my go to if I do slip up one weekend. It quickly gets me back on track.

I am grateful to have had you as my health advocate and I am now just a happier person all the way around.”

Kate R.

“Kim, just wanted to write and say thank you for introducing me to the healthy way again.

It was 3 almost 4 months since I ended your program and I am still following a few simple ideals plus lost a few more lbs.

I am happy to be back at my college weight again which is 25 years after graduation. I am playing some of the best tennis I ever have played too so thanks!”

Dave M.

“Having Kim help me has been fabulous for me and my health.

She makes me feel like I’ve got a teammate rather than a coach! 

When I turned 75, small, but nagging injuries and backaches seemed to be a part of my life …

But now, through changing the way I eat, (and enjoying it immensely), losing about 15% of my body weight, and increasing my strength and endurance…

I feel 30 years younger – I could not have become who I am now, without Kim’s participation and support … I highly recommend her to anyone in my situation!”

Tim C.

“Thank you Kim for providing the expertise I needed to complete your outstanding program.

L”osing weight immediately and feeling terrific while doing it was beyond my expectations.

Sue S.

“A fantastic two months. Ready to go another. Love what I am learning. You can’t read about what you are teaching us!

I continue to consistently lose weight and feel great. I have learned the eating healthy lifestyle.

During the two months I was able to continue losing even while making two trips to New York and a weekend in New Orleans. Healthy eating allowed me to enjoy and feel great. Total loss for 2 months is 21 lbs.

Thanks Kim!”

Michael D.

“One day Kim noticed that I was limping around the fitness center and rubbing my knee. After engaging me about what activities I miss doing, she confidently confided that she could get me back to a sporting life of tennis and volleyball and help me to avoid losing my mobility as I age.

Kim taught me new training exercises and her regiment of stretching and strengthening had immediate results. Kim also taught me to use certain weight machines that I had been hesitant to use because it had hurt my knee in the past.

In addition to the strengthening and flexibility, Kim really motivated me and helped me to lose almost 30 pounds and think differently about my eating habits. In short, she told me what she could do for me and succeeded. 

I am really glad that I was open to working with her as my health advocate. It was also fun to see her big smile when she saw me actually running on the treadmill!”

William B.

“I am a 70 year old man enjoying my family, my faith, golf, the beach, gardening, reading, music and yes, food. I have both an engineering master’s degree and an MBA and worked for over 30 years using both degrees. When I married my wonderful, caring wife 50 years ago, I was 6 feet tall and weighed 135 lbs.

The thin man days faded away during my working years as I gained 60 pounds, stopped exercising, and slowly but surely took on high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. In 2001, my wife and I retired and moved to Florida where we met Kim Miller, founder of Body Smart. Kim has always encouraged me to eat and work out smartly but, as is often is the case, I had difficulty internalizing her message.

In 2010, on the golf course, my hand went numb. I had suffered a very mild stroke that fortunately left no side effects. I weighed 215 pounds and was taking both blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I became determined to lose some weight and get more exercise. I tried cutting back on the eating and using the treadmill more. And through my efforts, although a little haphazard, I did lose 15 pounds. So, in 2015 I still weighed 200 lbs and had low energy.

It was at that time that I became aware of Kim’s program. I thought at the time, this may work for me – a planned for me  meal plan with recipes, no meetings and coaching from Kim. So I signed up. Over the next few months I went from 200 pounds to 170 pounds and never felt hungry and always felt energetic. The recipes are appetizing and filling. Even more importantly, on top shedding pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are now normal.

We all know that many factors contribute to how long we are going to live. I think it is important that while we are here we feel good about ourselves and our bodies; keep moving as we get older and enjoy life; including food and drink.

Kim’s program has helped me understand this and I encouraged others to try her programs. It is an investment in your life.”

Jack C.

1. Insight – you can lose weight and feel great at any age.

2. 17.4 lbs down in the first 30 days.  Ended at 149.8 lbs. Still want to lose a few more pounds but my confidence is 10 fold and I am thinking about doing things I used to do again.

3. I have a renewed commitment to making this a lifestyle change and I am very appreciative of how Kim’s program has helped me.

Susan D.

“Since beginning the program in January I have lost 20lbs.

Before Kim’s program I would move the same five pounds on & off my body. Now I understand a lot more regarding what foods will help and which can hurt me in trying to lose weight, get healthy successfully, and increase my energy.

I’m thrilled with my results and look forward to continuing making smart choices when planning my meals. I even find all the “dicing & chopping ” enjoyable! This lifestyle is simple and I enjoy the way Kim approaches her work with me.

This lifestyle is simple and I enjoy the way Kim approaches her work with me.”

Marilyn C.

“So motivated now because I am slowly getting back into my clothes! And it feels so good on the tennis courts again.

I am an athlete and so thankful that you got thinking about the possibilities again. I feel there is no going back.

Thank you from the heart for helping me realize the athlete in me again. There is no going back. xox”

Jessica F.

“We are so proud of the changes we have made. It’s easy to order in restaurants.

John has never worked on losing weight but loves how he looks and feels. I am a good cook and have learned to be very creative in vegetable preparation.We love grilling mushrooms ,zucchini, squash, eggplant and peppers. So good. Also we enjoy being resourceful and use up all the bits and pieces of vegetables in your refrigerator every Sunday. I love my fresh herbs!

John is down 26 pounds in 6 weeks and I am down 18 pounds. 

We look forward to learning more and appreciate the way you hold us accountable in a fun way.”

Suzie & John H.

“Eric had gotten a consult for bariatric surgery before we signed up to work with Kim. He was told that he was a candidate. I told him to give it one more go at diet and exercise before we took that drastic step.

I am so glad that he has been successful with this plan. A friend of a friend just had bariatric surgery and died postoperatively. So thankful that wasn’t our story!

Eric lost 23.6 pounds in 60 days  and best of all he is enjoying eating and believes this lifestyle is sustainable. Thanks Kim!”

Rebecca & Eric

“I’m down 33 pounds since starting phase 1.

My biggest driver in this weight loss challenge is knowing that my job promotes a sedentary lifestyle which I know will lead to problems.

So before these problems become the inevitable, I’m working to get my weight under control and learn healthier eating habits.”


“Down 29 lbs. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying all the recipes that you have been sending. Today I was able to wear a pair of capri’s that I couldn’t zip up in January. 

It’s like have a new wardrobe in my closet with my weight loss.

Brenda C.

I’m that enthused!  Think everybody should be doing this! You are changing my life and all can see how committed I am . 

Ginny S.

“Lost same +/-4.5 lbs 3 times! Wt 121 & I am just fine with that for now. It will go lower & stay down if/when I focus 100% but that is just not where my energy is right now. Wt management used to be a large part of who I was (family, career, & health). “Health” meant wt = 115 – 118. I am not that person anymore & striving to regain a target wt that was a struggle for 40 years is just not that compelling at 74.

Cancer treatment meds I took for 5 years added 15 unwanted lbs the last of which are finally gone. I am healthy & well & adjusting to a whole new life orientation as a widow w/worldwide interests. Gearing up for about a month in Kenya & South Africa in October.

Thanks to your influence I also have a new & improved nutritional pattern that I know will keep me in good stead while I am traveling & working in another cultural environment as well as when I am back home again. What food ideas I have now internalized are portable.

Thank you my dear for helping me get a workable grip on healthier nutrition & in the bargain weight maintenance. I am in your debt!!! If I do feel a need to drop a few pounds I know how to do it in a way that will keep them off. Remember my journey began back in February when I was weighing 130-135 so it has been slow but steady. 

Thank you again for all I have learned from you. You are a gifted teacher.”

Jean P.

“I’ve lost 16 lbs since January. It’s been hard but fulfilling work and once I saw  the quick results without starving there was no going back. 

It’s interesting because Kim has a way of meeting you where you are at and propelling you forward in a way that just feels good. 

I have a lot of energy!! I’m very aware of what I’m putting in my mouth and the funny thing is, is that I want to eat healthy now. I can’t imagine ever going back to the way I used to eat.

Thanks so much for letting me see what I was blind to. My life, just as you said it would, is easier now. And I love, love, love, the seafood chioppino!”

Dawn S.

“I’ve lost 26 lbs in 49 days. One thing that I’ve learned is that this is a process, not a lose weight quick “diet”.

I’ve been asked what diet I’m on, and my answer is the same, I’m not! I have decided to continue eating this way going forward. I look forward to the meals and don’t miss some of the bad things I used to eat.

1. Biggest insight… I can still enjoy food and lose weight.
2. Total weight loss. I’ve lost 26 lbs. Not my goal for 60 days, but proud of the accomplishment and plan to continue to my goal!
3. The biggest change. I don’t graze like I used to and i don’t make myself sick by eating too much.
4. Compliance level is around 90%”

Stephen L.

“I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is serious about getting fit and healthy-she is the real deal!!

I am a busy Mom with two high-energy pre-school children. So, like everybody else, my life is hectic and filled with stress, limited time, and lots of opportunities for bad eating!

Working with Kim has been a godsend and honestly the best present I could give myself-long lasting health and strength.

I decided to start working with Kim when I realized that my ideas about health, nutrition, and exercise were outdated and I didn’t have the time to sort through the copious amount of diet and exercise information  out there to figure what was accurate and what would work for me. I just needed to get going and get results.

Over the course of the Fall and Winter, Kim and I met at the gym and she patiently taught me how to best strength train my body and how to eat for health.

Over the course of the six months, I faced challenges and road blocks and Kim seamlessly helped guide me back onto the program-no guilt, no judgement, just positive support and forward momentum.”