Video Testimonials and Client Success Stories

Take a peek into Sister Kathleen Navarra’s life as she regains her energy and vitality back at the age of 73… despite being an emotional eater.

Hear how former college swimmer Lana Southwick, 63 years of age changed her whole life. 

See how this soon to be “retired couple” Ven and Ben lost over 53 poundS TOGETHER  and how Ben took his blood sugar from 180 to 90 reducing his insulin by two thirds, while Ven rocks her wardrobe once again!

Retired IT and former college athlete Nilsa Howell on her grandchildren providing the motivation to lose 40 pounds freeing her of back and knee pain so she could safely take care of them.

Pedal Steel Guitarist Musician and Composer Hal Merrill on his increased productivity and focus.


Dave Arundel former world cup gold medalist on his fight to get back his life in his 60’s.

Take a Listen to Teza Lord, Spiritual Activist and Author of Hybrid Vigor on how she reclaimed what she once had and embraced herself more fully in the process of leaning up and losing over 30 pounds.

Former NFL Carter Lord on Back to His Playing Weight After 40 Years and Loving the Right Kind of Foods/ No More Fighting Himself.

Harvard’s Star End and Cowboy Draftee Carter Lord 73 yrs. and His Wife Teza Lord, Author of  We are One on Good Food and Losing 50 pounds Together And Never Going Back.