Mission: To provide counsel and guidance for a healthy, happy, energetic life.

Being healthier, happier, and more energetic in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond doesn’t have to be a fairy tale. 

The BodySmartWay is about the absolute belief that people experience greater satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness in their everyday lives when they smartly integrate behavior changes focused on bettering their physical, intellectual and emotional lives.

As a person who cares about being healthy, happy and energetic as the years unfold, you know deep down that it should not be so difficult to lose weight, feel balanced, be happier, exude more energy, and eliminate or reduce medications for high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. You are not alone.

One of the biggest challenges facing men and women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond is their struggle with controlling their weight. Often after following the expert’s advice the weight either comes off so slowly that motivation is lost, or we can only maintain the recommended diets for a limited time and the unwanted pounds return. Losing weight and being healthy for a lifetime frequently is about the support and meaning we derive from the available sources. If “hand me a book and hand me a few recipes” is all that is needed for weight loss and weight maintenance then few of us would be struggling to be leaner, healthier, happier, and more energetic.

Weight Control + Rigid Diet = Endless Struggle

Weight Control + BodySmartWay = Satisfaction And Happiness

 I am Kim Miller, an independent health coach and personal trainer, specializing in weight loss and healthy living for those in their 40’s, 50’s. 60’s, and beyond.  I work with clients who seek more satisfying lifestyles as they age, clients who aspire to better health, energy, and decreased body fat and increased fitness levels, and a with the right amount of stress that challenges them in ways that enhance their lives. This is the BodySmartWay.

I am the creator and developer of The BodySmartWay 30/60/90 Days to Lean Programs.

I am a writer at Old City Life Magazine in St Augustine, Florida and a former newspaper health writer for Jacksonville Times Newspaper. I was the Director of Healthy Living Group Coaching seminars with  Dr. Joyner of Flagler Hospitals.

I train and coach members at the beautiful Serenata Beach Club and design and implement a myriad of healthy living programs centered towards those 40 years of age and over.   These have been programs to serve members with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases launching them to increasingly better and simpler lives with less health problems and less need for pharmaceutical medicines.

I’ve created and assist in implementing strength programs for men and woman to increase their bone densities, muscular strength and endurance, realizing a more desirable body composition, less fragile bones, and increased zest for living.

I’ve created The Movement for Life Program that enhances cardiovascular strength and endurance and is recommended by Physicians to help their patients lose weight, better their health numbers, decrease stress levels, and decrease symptoms of depression.  I’ve created and assist in implementing pre and post therapy operation strength programs and receive recommendations for its use by Sports Medicine doctors for conditioning pre- operative hip and knee replacement patients.

I grew up near Cleveland Ohio in the town of Lorain on the shores of Lake Erie. I enjoyed and participated in sports and especially enjoyed the pure physical and mental challenge of long distance running. Nowadays tennis is my preferred sport of choice.

People often tell me that I have the perfect job. I believe I do too. The reason it is the perfect job is that I see my work as a fun mission that helps people attain greater satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness in their everyday lives

* * *

Here are some of the ways we can work together:

     – Health Coaching and Consulting – Build a healthier life through progressive change one step at a time.  Experience and evolve into a better way of being that focuses on weight, health, and fitness  goals in fun and exciting ways. See results with 1 on 1 sessions in person, on the telephone, or via skype.  Perfect for the busy executive, manager, or travelers on the go. Both couples and singles coaching available.

30 Days to Lean – There’s no going back. Immerse yourself into a healthy eating plan that is designed for quick weight less while eating an abundance of healthy foods made by you.  You’ll never be hungry and you’ll always be satisfied. This plan will cause quick  weight loss, bring health back to the body, and  improve dramatically all your health numbers.

With menus, recipes, and grocery lists each week to your inbox, you’ll also receive the benefit of a group weekly texting format and full support from me via email, text, or telephone calls.  You’ll gain insight into weight loss that bridges the gap between success and failure and have all the tools to be successful without the meetings.

     – 60 Days to Lean – Lock in lean. Lock in habits.  Free yourself from exerting  will power at family and friends gatherings. Eat out without feeling out of control and continue to lose the weight you desire. Mastery comes with understanding nuances and reducing hunger and cravings at a fundamental level.

With menus, recipes, and grocery lists each week to your inbox, you’ll also receive the benefit of a group weekly texting format and  full support from me via email, text, or telephone calls.  You’ll continue to gain insight into weight loss that bridges the gap between success and failure and have all the tools to be successful without the meetings.

    – Coaching For Those With Cancer A diagnosis of cancer does not have to feel like a loss of control.  Get your mind, body and soul working together.  Weekly strategizing in person, over the phone, or via skype. Texting and emails for additional support as needed. Having a plan makes all the difference.

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Don’t just take my word for It. Take Their Words.

A Little More About Me if You Are so Inclined


St. Augustine, FL 32080

904. 501. 6002


2005 – Present

Owner Bodysmart Inc. Full Time Personal Training Business Serenata Beach Club Ponte Vedra

Wellness Coaching and Fitness Training Serenata Beach Club

Bodysmart Health and Wellness E- Newsletter –

Health and Wellness Writer Suite 101.com 2007

Organizer and Speaker of Ceremonies Fitness Dinners Serenata Beach Club

Wellness Luncheon Speaker Serenata Beach Club

Ongoing Wellness Campaign Serenata Beach Club

Writer for Old City Life Magazine – June 2009

Blogger  for Dr. Vandana Bhide March 2010

Develop Group Coaching Format for Pre Diabetic Patients With the Late Dr. James Joyner


2001 – 2005

Organized Serenata Beach Club Members Through Fitness Outings While Building Personal Training Business

1993 – 1995

Initiated and Participated in Design of K- 8 Wellness Program Lakewood, OH

1990 – 1997

Taught Health and Physical Education K- 8 Lakewood, OH



BA Degree Cleveland State University Health and Physical Education Cleveland, OH



American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer


Certified Wellness Coach Wellcoaches Inc

References On Request

B.S in Health & Physical Education

Certified Wellness Coach – Wellcoaches Corp Endorsed by American College of Sports Medicine.

Certified Personal Trainer- American Council on Exercise

Principal – Bodysmartinc

Publisher Weekly Health & Fitness Newsletter

Publisher – Fit Through The Ages Blog

Writer Suite 101.com

Blogger for Dr. Vandana Bhide

Writer Old City Life Magazine

Columnist Jacksonville Times Union


I’ve been in the health field my entire adult life. As a full time freelance personal trainer and wellness coach I’ve influenced the health, well being, and livelihoods of hundreds of clients from diverse walks of life with ages ranging from preteens to octogenarians.

Residing in the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, my influence in helping people live healthier more robust lives extends to the beaches of Ponte Vedra, Florida where many of my current clientele reside.

I  partnered with the late  Dr. James Joyner, a local gynecologist here in St. Augustine. We meet with his pre diabetic patients who are in the obesity category. Our approach is one of support through the coaching model process while filling the gaps of information, and encouraging and inspiring a broader perspective of what it means to be healthy.

My main goal in the health field is to open up a dialogue on the need to view weight loss more comprehensively and less tactically.

Changing minds and hearts through dialogue, writing, personal training, speaking, and partnering with physicians and their patients in group coaching settings,  is the foundation of my coaching practice.   It is my wish to extend help to people in need of a better way of life to an even broader audience. The articles I write for Old City Life Magazine and in the past the Jacksonville Times Union help our community and nearby communities develop a dialogue of support that recognizes the importance of  behavior lifestyle changes as a better way to fight the obesity crisis. I hope to reach an even wider audience and bring about behavior changes through an increasingly more thoughtful ongoing community dialogue that magnifies the need for smart lifestyle changes that are less superficial and more meaningful to individual lives.

Kim Miller


[email protected]

904 501 6002