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A few years ago I wrote an article for Old City Life Magazine titled, “Why Women and Men Both Need to Focus On Muscle.” I have it posted on my blog now and you can find it on the link at the end of this article. Read it for an overview on why muscle is uber important as we age.

The article points to the need for more intense muscular strength training versus cardiovascular training as a means to increases the metabolic processes of our bodies. Cardiovascular training, although beneficial for our heart muscle, plays little role in furthering our fat burning capacity beyond the time we are actually experiencing the cardio activity.

Most lower to medium intensity cardiovascular activities simply burn calories at the time we are engaging in the activity, whether it is running, swimming, biking, elliptical training or etc. There is some EPOC, or called “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption” after the exercise which means our bodies continue to use an accelerated amount of calories post exercise, however, EPOC is limited.

If you are wondering why you feel so good after a cardiovascular workout, there is no question, cardiovascular activity gets the endorphins running sky high! Continue cardio training for good mental and heart health as well as increased energy expenditure, but consider that for weight reduction and aesthetics, even an hour a day of cardio is not enough to change the resting metabolic rate needed to make weight loss easier and the body more tightened and tone. For that process to occur, a 24 hour improved metabolic rate through strength training utilizing specific and targeted muscle groups should be implemented several times a week.

Build a Better Metabolism- Fact or Fiction

Health professionals, including trainers, often overstate the increased resting metabolic rate of strength training. In a recent comprehensive research review, Donnelly and colleagues (2003) note that the majority of peer-reviewed resistance training studies (lasting 8–52 weeks) show increases of 2.2–4.5 lb of muscle mass.

These researchers suggest that an increase of 4.5 lb of muscle mass would probably increase resting metabolic rate by about 50- 75 kcal per day. Although this small change is not nearly as much as some professionals may suggest, it does help close the gap between energy intake and energy expenditure.

Although these numbers may not appear so impressive, where the real payoff exists is in how we prevent premature atrophying of the muscles. By training our muscles with increasingly heavier weights/maintenance weights, each year we prevent the downward spiral of decreased metabolism due in great part to decreased muscle mass.  What appears as a minimal benefit in resting metabolic from increasing muscle mass (50-75kcal daily), is actually quite significant as each year passes and one does not strength train.

To help gain better clarity consider that research indicates after age 25 years of age, a 2-3% reduction in metabolic rate is predictable and due in large part to the reduction in muscle mass due to a sedentary lifestyle.  Even a minimal 1% yearly reduction of muscle mass per year (versus the typical 2-3% of most under-exercised people) enhances the metabolic resting rate as compared to the non exercisers. Clearly, over the years this 1% adds up exponentially and is a positive contributing factor to aging less rapidly.

BodySmartWay Programs

As many of you know, each year as we head into the holidays, I creat new programs for you that I feel will jump start you into a better lifestyle as we head into the new year

In upcoming articles look for holiday packages that may appeal to you and get you excited for another new year to come. Below is my 1st offering of the season.

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  • This program is best designed for someone that is not a novice to strength training and has had some training. Not recommended to newbies unfamiliar to strength training.This program is suited for those that desire new ways of strength training, or would like to laser focus on specific muscle groups in an organized systematic way – example: one new program monthly for abdominal exercises, one new program monthly to strengthen upper legs and knees, one new program monthly to laser focus on back strengthening and posture and etc.Not recommended for people who want more accountability or have major health issues.

If you do not live in the area, look for upcoming online specials this holiday season.

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