Hi  Everyone,

There are only a couple of weeks left to sign up for the January 30 Days To Lean program (starts Jan 2nd).

If you have been thinking about joining but haven’t quite committed yet, please read a bit more here about the program.

As you know I am not about diet tactics but about real lifestyle change. People ask me, how can they lose that much weight in 30 and 60 days?  So many members lose 10, 15, and 20 pounds in just 30 Days! Well here’s the thing, when you are eating real food in abundance and without all the preservatives, additives, highly inflammatory foods, and sugars/ and carbohydrates, you feel better and look better.

And when someone (me) makes is super easy for you to get organized with all of the recipes, daily meal plans and grocery lists and is there to support you through the program, it ensures success. It´s that simple.

What can YOU expect in 30 days?

You can expect exactly what my members have been seeing each and every month that goes by:
” My doctor says I can get off blood pressure meds!” Lynne Q.
” My stomach is disappearing.” Matt R.
“My tryglycerides are now in a normal range.” Christine P.
“I have less aches and pains and my joints feel better.” Peter
“I have kept 14 pounds off for over one year. These 14 pounds were making me miserable and Kim showed me how to do it. It is so easy to maintain because I make better food choices naturally and I do not feel deprived! Charlotte.
As I write this a text has just come in from a PHI member. He says I am down 19.8 total pounds after 21 days. I am noticing a change in thought behind the foods I choose to eat if I am at a restaurant or out and about.

Below are some of the reasons members decide to join the plan:

– get healthy. – get blood sugar under control

– lose weight in the middle

– feel better

– age better

– get off medications

– help my husband

– help my wife

– sleep better

– feel better while traveling

– get rid of  body inflammation

– my doctor said I must lose weight

– get off diabetic meds

– be less winded when traveling

– play better golf

– play better tennis

– just feel good again

– live long enough to see grandkids marry and have kids

– my reunion is coming up

– stop being so tired

– increase my energy

– look better

– be less agitated

– keep up with my spouse

– enjoy life more

It’s Simple:

1. Sign up before the program starts in January (deadline Dec 28)

2. Receive weekly emails with daily meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists.

3. Record your weight loss via texting weekly.

4. Lose anywhere from 8 – 18 pounds in 30 days. A few members have lost even more!

5. Get total support from me, via text, email, or telephone calls. It really is that easy. It’s so low key, no meetings, no stress, yet fully supported that once you begin the program, you’ll be so glad you did not wait another month.
When you sign up today, you’ll say what Johanna a past 30 day member said to me, “This is one of the best decisions I ever made!”

It’s Gonna be Fun!