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How To Not Fall Off The Wagon

When daily routines get you out of your groove, empower yourself by taking another wagon.


Take Another Wagon Instead of Getting Off The Wagon

The other day John and I had to unexpectedly make a trip to Ohio to assist my mother. Our long distance driving trip came at a time when we were both feeling grooved in our daily exercise habits, eating habits, and work-life balance habits.

I mention this because in my health coaching practice, client’s main goals are often to liberate themselves from the stresses of their day to day lives by increasing their good health habits and eradicating poor health habits.

The challenge is to stay in a groove and mentally empowered even when real life happens taking us out of our normal routines.

A two-week vacation! A business trip. A visit to the see the kids, or a surprise emergency situation –
And we fall “off’ the wagon.”

Vacation time or visiting family used to get me out of my groove. These days, I am a pro at it. And My husband John is pretty good at it as well.


Here’s What We Do: 


Instead of stressing out about how to continue our good routines during this period of disruption with hotels, eating out, sitting in cars/airplanes, and not getting home until after 10pm, we just take another wagon. We tell ourselves ( sometimes I just tell him) we’ll be taking another wagon for a while. It won’t be the same wagon as when we are grooved in our lifestyle at home getting up at 5 a.m., stretching, walking the dogs, reading meditations, and enjoying breakfast before the day’s work begins, but it will be a better wagon than simply resigning ourselves to poor health habits because we are too stressed about where we will work out and run or walk.

a Better Wagon For you 


Could it be possible to find different ways of staying healthy while in different scenarios? When I’m in control of my schedule/food sources/exercise equipment/comfortable bed, I will have one routine. Then, when on the road I will have another routine. And on vacation, I will find another routine.
Even on weekends! I will have a weekend routine!
I will never be ‘off’ my wagon.
Each routine will incorporate as much goodness as possible. Sometimes more goodness than others, but at no point will I just throw in the towel.
I will always stay ‘on’ a wagon.
Here is an Example of My home wagon and my travel wagon (previously known as ‘off’ the wagon). See If it helps:

Home Wagon: 

– 16 oz water with lemon zest. 6 oz. coconut water. Coffee. 20 minute stretch routine.

– inspirational readings 5 minutes. Dog walk with dogs and husband.

– morning shake and supplement routine including multi -vitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, b complex vitamins.

Afternoon Exercise:
– cardio exercise run/walk, singles tennis, elliptical, bike, steps, or rowing.- strength training workout at Serenata Beach Club.

During the Day:
– well balanced meals including good fats, abundance of vegetables and low sugar fruits, proteins, nuts, seeds, and some beans and whole grains depending on weight goals.

Bedtime Routine:
Walk the dogs with John.
Watch 30 minutes of Ted Talks/or Netflix Series.
Read 10 minute in bed.
Lights out.



Work/Family/Travel wagon:

– 16 oz water. 20 minute stretch and strength routine in hotel room including pushups, squats, and abdominal curls.

– 2 minutes meditation mantra – mantra changes with situation. For example recently: ” I can do whatever it is I set my mind to do.”

– multi vitamin supplement only if traveling for under 5 days. Starbucks high protein snack pack and coffee for breakfast

Afternoon Exercise:
– Find ways to include more walking while at airport, between car stops and while visiting family friends/or during conferences

During the Day:
– Make best possible choices while at restaurants/family/friend homes being sure to always eat lots of vegetables, good fats when possible and lean proteins.

Bedtime Routine:
10 oz water. 15 minutes easy television watching.
Lights out.

Here’s the Thing
Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t stress out about real life interference. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying your vacation. And don’t sabotage your weekly progress on weekends. Just identify your wagon and create an easy plan for each one.

You need never be ‘off’ your wagon again. Just hop on a different wagon, and make the most of the ride.