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Three Steps To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain: Knowledge vs. Implementation During the holidays, people are aware of what they should or shouldn't be eating, and aware of how much simply snacking on alternative healthy snacks can make a difference in holiday weight gain. But, few make the move...

How to Start a Strength Training Program (and Stay Sane)

It’s never too late to gain strength. Our bones and muscles have an innate capacity to respond to stimuli by growing in size, density and strength. Here’s how to smartly begin. In the beginning stages of a weight training routine, it’s necessary to take 3-4 weeks to...

Three Great Ways to Recover From a Hard Workout

Strengthening our muscles requires more than just varying our exercise routines. Maintaining and increasing our strength  requires that our muscles recover from a tough workout.  Recovery from a tough workout is all about getting the right combination of rest and...

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