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How to Get Back After an Injury

How to Get Back After an Injury August 24, 2016

So often we are focused on feeling good through exercise that we forget to take the time to monitor how we really feel. Most everyone agrees that exercise makes us feel better about our bodies and our lives in general. All too often though we get wrapped up in the psychological feel good endorphin  rushes that we forget to monitor those little aches and pains that are often precursors to impending injury. Below are a few pointers I hope will guide you along if injury gets in your way. Use Correct Form Proper exercise form is always important, but is critical when coming back from an injury. Read More

The Walking Myth

The Walking Myth June 16, 2016

You exercised so much today! You walked over 10,000 steps, did a 30 minute leg strength routine, took a yoga class and then… Something inside told you that you have to drink “one of those sports drinks or have a power bar.”  Does this sound familiar? The world of exercise is cluttered no doubt with myths and misconceptions.  The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar business and often it is difficult to see that these misconceptions have withstood the test of time because of all the money behind them.  Over the next few weeks we’ll explore common myths. Today we focus on the walking myth. The Walking Myth Read More

How To Get Back On The Wagon

How To Get Back On The Wagon June 8, 2016

The other day John and I had to unexpectedly make a trip to Ohio to assist my mother. Our long distance driving trip came at a time  when we were both feeling grooved in our daily exercise habits, eating habits, and work-life balance habits.  I mention this because often in my health coaching practice, client’s main goals are often to  liberate themselves from the stresses of their day to day lives by increasing their good health habits and eradicating poor health habits. But what do we do when emergencies arise?  Being as they say, “on the wagon”, or as I like to Read More