Did you work hard yesterday? Did you play hard? At the end of the day did you have a sense of accomplishment? And when you finally crawled into bed did you sleep through the night and wake refreshed and ready to go? If you did, you are fortunate because you have mastered sleeping well.

Exerting the right amount of physical energy, mental stimulation, and play, to gain a feeling of accomplishment is often the secret to a healthy night’s sleep. Unfortunately, if you are not sleeping well, simply being aware of this fact will not result in a good night’s sleep. It will take practice at becoming more physical, more mental, and more attuned to a sense of daily accomplishments.

The results are in the implementation, and we all know this to be true. But the problem arises when we think the solution is too simple. When the solution seems too simple we may not feel the need to practice the solution. Of course this thinking is deleterious to accomplishing what is often at the heart of why we may not be sleeping well.

It should be said that lifestyle changes are difficult to implement. And we need to be told they are difficult to implement because too often we are told lifestyle changes are easy. Look at all the weight loss plans in advertisements that claim dieting to be an easy lifestyle adjustment!

Lifestyle changes are not easy, but the good news is we can practice lifestyle change just as we practice skills in other areas of our lives. Are you up for a challenge? Are you willing to select one needed lifestyle change to practice this week? There’s no hurry, but you can get started.

Can practicing a beneficial lifestyle change to increase the quality of our sleep be as worthy as practicing our golf swing or our tennis stroke? I assure you that it is. Practicing new lifestyle habits will help you to not only sleep better, but will help you create a more vital vigorous lifestyle?

Our Wealth is in Our Health
Kim Miller