imagesYIDCBV2GHere’s the thing. If you want to lose pounds, you need to loser proof your mindset.  Here are 2 ways to loser proof your mindset and get a grip on what really matters:
1. When you hear your inner voice saying, ” I know I should not eat this.”, you must stop – and switch the thought around. Ask Yourself what should I be eating and what is  important in my life. Now, having these thoughts each and every day can play havoc on our limited supply of will power, so this approach has to be combined with the second way to loser proof your mindset.
2. Eat! Eat and Eat! I tell my 30 Day members,  ‘this is their time to feel really good.’ We are not looking to see how miserable we can make ourselves as we lose weight, but instead, how happy we can make ourselves.  Losing weight in the middle is in big part about eating the right foods. Eating an abundance of the right foods is what satiates us, keeps us from having to exert will power at every turn,  makes us happier, and makes us feel and look more alive. Combine these  two tips and last week’s tips and you will be miles ahead of others in shedding weight for good. I promise.
More Details…
1. Eat real food. When we eat real food, which contains many nutrients, we are more satisfied, eat less, and lose belly fat. Getting adequate vitamins and minerals helps you burn calories more efficiently, helps regulate appetite, lowers inflammation, boosts detoxification, aids digestion, regulates stress hormones, and helps your cells become more insulin sensitive. Along with lots of green vegetables, include protein in every meal since studies show it keeps you fuller longer so you lose more weight.

2. Manage stress levels. Chronic stress causes your brain to shrink and your belly to grow. Chronically elevated levels of your stress hormone cortisol cause increased blood sugar and cholesterol, depression, dementia, and promotes the accumulation of belly fat that we so commonly see in patients with insulin resistance or diabetes. You crave sugar and carbs and seek comfort food.

3. Address food sensitivities. We often crave the very foods we are allergic to. Getting off them is not easy, but after two to three days without them, you will have renewed energy, relief from cravings and symptoms, and begin to shed belly fat. Gluten and dairy are two big food sensitivities that I eliminate right off with my 30 Days To Lean Groups.

4. Get 7– 8 hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep drives sugar and carb cravings by affecting your appetite hormones.  Poor sleep also adversely impacts fat-regulating hormones like leptin and ghrelin.
I Want You to Know This
Losing weight should not be about how much we can sacrifice but it should be about eating great tasting foods that we look forward to eating and that satisfy us. Eating like a bird isn’t cool anymore.