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Here’s the thing:
Last week we talked about loser proofing your mindset when it comes to losing weight and being fit. Loser proofing the mind is not psychological babble. It’s real. Now no one goes around saying I’m a loser, but some of the things we do in trying to lose weight are, well, just plain old style thinking that set us up for losing…but not body weight.
Those that are currently enrolled in 30 Days To Lean or  have completed the highly successful 30 Days to Lean plan, know that I am not about losing except when it comes to helping you lose the most weight in 30 Days. This kind of losing I am all about.
You Gotta Be Clear
So many people want to lose weight especially in the dreaded middle. So what do they do? They do what they think is new style dieting: they cut out all carbs, all sugars, all alcohol, and then exercise until they are miserable. I’ve seen it hundreds of  times. I don’t want you to do that. Stop it! Stop it! Stop It! In a nice way guys!
Here are two powerful weight loss tips to get your head straight. The first tip you heard last week, but I gotta tell you …it really is important. Follow me:
1. Eat! Eat and Eat! I tell my 30 Day members,  ‘this is your time to feel really good.’ We are not looking to see how miserable we can make ourselves as we lose weight, but instead, how happy we can make ourselves.  Losing weight in the middle is in big part about eating the right foods. Eating an abundance of the right foods is what satiates us, keeps us from having to exert will power at every turn,  makes us happier, and makes us feel and look more alive. It also is long lasting so we do not gain the weight back.
2. Eat – Stop – Eat- Stop -Eat – Stop. This I call interval training for eating. You will not see it in any nutrition books but you will reap the benefits of huge weight loss if you get used to eating like we were designed to eat. This way of eating is the way many of us grew up. When we ate, we ate! When we didn’t eat, we didn’t eat! This interval training for eating sounds all fancy but it isn’t. Just know that when you eat – eat. And when you do not eat – you do not eat. The research is clear. The member  results with the 30 Days to Lean  program are clear. Unless you are a full fledged diabetic, fasting between breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a powerful tool. Here’s the thing: Just enjoy yourself when you do eat. Eating is such a great part of our lives. Get back to basics. Get back to truly loving food. When you do, life is so much sweeter!
I Want You to Know This
Sometimes people who do not know me think I eat only vegetables and low calorie foods. I came from an Italian pasta loving eat everything on your plate family. You showed the love by eating! So funny but this mentality is still ingrained in me. It’s different now, but in essence it is still the same. I love to eat, work, and play hard. I just have changed what I eat. Food preference really does matter in achieving an ideal weight. Nowadays, with my 30 Days To Lean plan I just want to pass on the love to you!! I am on a mission and I hope you can feel it in your bones. For now, go ahead and get started on my two  tips above. It will be a great start. We are all in this together! If you end up needing some help, you can always count on me. And for that I would be greatly honored!