imagesF1H6XI6LIn work as in life we create a sense of balance by understanding what we want and what we don’t, what we need and do not need.
We prioritize by wanting less of one thing and more of something else.

Less overwhelm and more progress. Fewer things to react to and more results.
Less busyness and more time. Fewer restrictions and more choices.

The irony is that we spend a lot our time on things that won’t get us to where we want to go whether it is on becoming more fit and energized or losing weight and keeping it off.

We often prioritize the things we say we don’t want to keep doing.

The trick to getting the results you want is to align your actions with the results you want.

Do you want better strength because you enjoy golf so much and still want to improve and have more fun?

Do you want better flexibility in your body because it’s nice to be able to hang out playing with your kids and grandkids and have more fun?

Do you want better balance because you are aware of the problems associated with falling and being laid up for a long period of time and having no fun?

Are you motivated to take the  time to understand where you want to go?
Are you motivated to create the must do list that’s going to get you there?
Are you motivated to do more of what’s on the list and less of what’s not?

The last step is a choice that we each have the power to make.