imagesGBDUD2F6Below is a question asked by a 30 Days to Lean member who lost 11.5 pounds! She was getting ready to go on vacation in beautiful Mexico and needed some advice short of me telling her “no margaritas and no beer for you!”


Part of the beauty of the 30 Days to Lean Program is that the process of immersing oneself in a lifestyle for a period of time, makes, as one 30 Day member said, you smarter. “Not only do you intuitively start seeking out healthy foods, “but you crave bad foods less”  Matthew, Maryellen, Sue, Rick.


What are some tips for going on vacation in Mexico short of not being able to have a few beers or margaritas?”

My Answer:

I am going to take the liberty of reframing this question and hope you don’t mind:

” How can I continue to be healthy without mentally, physically and emotionally tormenting myself?”

Here’s the thing, you must embrace key ideas, just like you have embraced key ideas with implementing the 30 Days to Lean plan.

It has been my experience that the vast majority of people know a great deal about losing weight, getting fit and making healthier choices. But they still struggle with following through- and really putting all the pieces together in a sustainable way. Hopefully the 30 Days to Lean plan has helped you put the pieces together in a way that makes sense and is sustainable.

What you need to do on vacation is to begin learning how to vacation and have the absolute best time, while feeling well mentally, physically, and emotionally, not just while on vacation but in the aftermath of arriving home. We all want to come back from vacation feeling good and not worn out because we ate and drank poorly or didn’t exercise. I think everyone would agree with this.

If you haven’t vacationed since changing your diet/lifestyle then this will be a great time for you to practice key behavior concepts. Like the 30 day plan, you will not be a pro at first so give yourself a break. In the meantime, know that as you vacation more with health in mind, it’s get easier  to  soak up feel good vacation mode, while not feeling like you are depriving yourself.

These are the key concepts I want you to focus on before you leave and while on vacation. Note that I am not giving specifics on what to eat and what not to eat. You will figure out in time, what works for you so I will not even suggest what you should and should not have.

Here are the key concepts:

  1. Exercise is great for weight maintenance ( not for weight loss – but for maintenance) so enjoy movement you love to do while on vacation like walking, biking, swimming or other feel good activity for you.

2. Know that it will be easier to lose weight while on vacation because your mind, body, and soul are at ease.  Take advantage of little stress and chill out. That margarita, hammock, and a good book may not be such a bad idea in Mexico!

  1. Know that your stress hormones are balanced more fully while on vacation so your desire for sugar, bad fats, and carbohydrates are naturally reduced. Just make sure you eat 3 meals daily and do not let your blood sugar get too low. Ask yourself if you really need a dessert each night, or if it is just something we are trained by society to think we should do?
  2. Take advantage of the great opportunity to sleep while on vacation. Sleep as you know helps us to lose weight. So enjoy every bit of it, and with no guilt.
  3. Consider vacation as a time to get into a rhythm of deepening daily gratitude. Gratitude for what we have helps us to naturally consider taking care of our own bodies by not overindulging in food or drink.
  4. Consider using vacation time as reflective time and be thankful for how far you have come in developing better eating habits. Studies show that those that capitalize on how far they have come are more apt to continue good habits.
  5. If there are foods you want to try but they seem off the plan, consider that while you are on vacation the goal should be weight maintenance. So foods off limit are just fine – eat smaller portions, and make some tradeoffs as you go about your days never worrying and having faith that you will come back home feeling and looking great!
  6. Lastly, before you depart for vacation, consider thinking about how you want to feel when you arrive back home. Then make minor adjustments in your eating and drinking while vacationing capitalizing on the above key points.

Hope this helps!  Have a margarita for me! Happy travels.