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There are varying degrees of difficulty that come with gaining core strength. Like exercising any muscle group, it is important to progress smartly.  The abdominal muscles are layered with slow twitch muscle fibers which mean they are best tailored for exercises that enhance the endurance within the muscle fibers. Typically when we train the actual center core we are training the rectus abdominis, external abdominal, internal abdominal oblique, and the transverse abdominus.


Core training in the last several decades has taken on new meaning. Training the core today means not just increasing the endurance and strength of the muscles just noted, but also includes such muscles as the lower back extensor muscles, latissimus dorsi muscles, gluteus medius and maximus, and the hip rotator muscles.

It is recommended that abdominal core training be executed last after working other muscle groups because it is instrumental in just about every move we make. If you are an advanced exerciser, and use mainly free weights then you know what I mean. Core stabilization is absolutely necessary for lifting heavy free weight so tiring the core out before the other muscle groups would be unwise as you will risk injuring your back.

Below are 3 abdominal core routines that I have clients practice once they are able to hold a plank for 1 minute.

Tough Girl/Boy I Challenge
20 ball crunches with feet wide
1 minute plank hold
Repeat above two exercises.

Standing torso oblique’s 20 reps each side
Plank forearms to up on hands and reverse. 5 reps up and down
Repeat above 2 exercises

Side raise on floor with legs extended and arm extended- hold 20 sec each side
Repeat on each side.

Week One Get Rid of The Squish in the Middle Tip:
Eliminate bread of any kind. Including whole grain bread!

Last Week’s Get Rid of the Squish in the Middle Tip:
Get you carbohydrates mainly from low glycemic fresh vegetables. Think 5 vegetables raw daily and 4 vegetables steamed daily. Roast vegetables sparingly.

This Week’s Get Rid of the Squish in the Middle Tip:
Eat Fat. Science tells us that fat keeps us satiated and burning fat. While sugar including carbohydrates like crackers and breads keeps most of us fat except the very athletic or high metabolism lucky ones.

When our blood sugar gets too high (hyperglycemia), our body releases extra insulin to counter it. And the first thing insulin wants to do is get our muscles to take that sugar up and use it for energy, but the unfortunate truth is that most people, and even those exercising an hour or longer a day eat far too many sugars and so insulin tells the body to store the excess sugar we have not used as fat. Fat acts differently though which brings me to this week’s get rid of the squish tip: Eat good fats that you find in nuts, seeds, olive oil, olives, coconut oil, and avocados.

Add these foods to your diet, and remove the sugars and breads.  In a few days time you will be feeling leaner.  Go to on why what you eat is more important in weight loss than calories.” .

Motivation in part is about seeing changes. Develop a mindset that , “I am in this as a way of life.” Notice the small changes in your mood, body composition, energy levels, mental clarity, sleep patterns, and general anxiety levels as you make small changes. Over the days, months and years you will see that it really is possible to get better with age. All my Best.