Hi Everyone,
It is Totally Tone Tuesday.   It’s the day we talk about strengthening, stretching and balance!

In my practice I often see clients with tight hips. Sometimes they are not even aware of it until they move a certain way and suddenly pain is felt in their hips or back.  I call this kind of pain, the pain of ‘living-in-a-box’.  The reason I refer to it as ‘living-in-a-box’ pain is because it often occurs when one steps out of their normal daily routines and pain suddenly strikes.

So often we think we are in great shape.
After all, we can do what we need to do each day without too much stress on our bodies. But here’s the thing; it’s not most people’s normal routines that illustrates the huge gaps in strength they are lacking in the many muscle groups of their bodies. Normal routines are just that – normal. And with normal we think everything is good. But it’s really not. At some point, we want to break out of our normal routines and do something different.

Let’s say, you haven’t played golf in a while and while on vacation you go out and play a round. You play a round to find out that your back got out of alignment because your hips, core, and back have not been contorted like that in many years.  So now you are in pain for the next two weeks.

So Often What One Does Next
They stop the golf and go back to living-in-a-box. You know, that comfortable box that says, “I have no aches. I have no pains. I am in great shape.”  Forgetting about the golf and the great times they had, they continue ‘living-in-a-box’ routine until even the slightest of daily changes affects them. Then they cease doing much of anything at all. Living-in-a-box is just that – staying in the comfort zone of what makes us feel in good shape. Albeit that may mean just walking a few minutes a day, keyboarding a computer, eating,  going to the theatre and other in-the-box-routines.

Why Bring This Up
We don’t need to live inside a box. Sure, we are not going  to ski like a mad man in our 90’s but we can certainly experience the same rush and feeling of skiing like a mad man or the rush of playing tennis or golf with intensity well into our 90’s. And the only thing is, we gotta condition  our bodies to move in ways that we do not move in our daily life, we have to learn how to live out of the box.

Next week, look for 3 hip exercises that will get you outside of your comfort zone and allow you to do what you want to do for a long, long, time!

Congratulations to January’s 30 Days to Lean Members.
24 members lost 224 pounds. Best part: healthy, happy, and on their way to continuing to do what they want to do for a long- long time!

Next Lean: March 7th.

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