Cooking for Health-Why and How?
When it comes to  cooking for yourself, your family, and your friends, cooking is good for weight loss, weight maintenance, better disease prevention, and just plain ol’ looking and feeling better.
 Here’s the thing though: perceived obstacles to cooking like time and money keep us from becoming the healthy, fit, lean, and energetic people that we want to be.
As consumers, we often buy into the fallacies of marketing messages that make us feel good by suggesting we are “so importantly busy people that we must eat out.”  This type of seductive marketing makes me want to help people even more to learn how to cook for better health and weight loss.
In my 30 Days To Lean programs, One of the first questions I get is, “How Much cooking will I have to do?” I love this question because I like to be straight forward and tell it like it is.
“Yes, there is cooking involved and no you will not be cooking all day long.”
And even though I make it as easy as possible with weekly daily menus, grocery lists, and recipes, it will take a while to get into the flow of taking care of your own health and getting to an  optimal weight. I love telling prospective members this because what I have found is that many don’t think about taking care of themselves through cooking and eating well, even though they wish they did.  This is understandable in a society that promotes go, go, go and run, run, run and in which we are surrounded by advertisements for takeout food and all sorts of other naughty (but delicious) temptations.
In my practice, I have found that what people really want is the education, skills, and confidence to cook for themselves.
And for those members that have always cooked for themselves anyway, they want the education, and confidence to know how to cook not just to maintain their weight but to lose weight and keep it off. I tell them there is healthy cooking, but then there is healthy cooking for weight loss. There is a big difference in eating healthy for weight maintenance and eating healthy for weight loss. My aim in both phases of the program is to teach people the difference.

Cooking is Fun!

Cooking is fun and freeing. If you do not normally cook for yourself it can be frustrating, but as so many members have experienced with the 30 Days To Lean plans, it gets easier. Members often say they get to a place where life starts to feel simpler and more basic. This is what I love to hear.
If back to basics of eating and caring for yourself and your family is something you want, then give me a call.
If you have been thinking about joining the plan, the next session begins Monday, January 2nd. Sign up by December 28th by getting in touch
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