This program has become more than just my passion. It has become my mission in life. Everyday, there are more and more people who are reaching out and know that they need a lifestyle change. And I want you to know that I am here to help you make that transition. Driving this program are couples and now young families too that are working this healthy lifestyle together.

Tomorrow I will send out the details of the program so that if it is your time to make a lifestyle change, you join me.

We begin Monday March 7th.  I will need a commitment to join by Wednesday evening. Don’t worry about the details now. Just read the success stories below and know that these stories are not rarities, but they are occurring regularly for over 2.5 years now. Details to sign up will come tomorrow evening so check your inbox.

One Year After 30 Days to Lean With Kim

I am a 70 year old man enjoying my family, my faith, golf, the beach, gardening, reading, music and yes, food.  I have both an engineering master’s degree and an MBA and worked for over 30 years using both degrees. When I married my wonderful, caring wife 50 years ago, I was 6 feet tall and weighed 135 lbs. The thin man days faded away during my working years as I gained 60 pounds, stopped exercising, and slowly but surely took on high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.  In 2001, my wife and I retired and moved to Florida where we met Kim Miller, founder of Body Smart. Kim has always encouraged me to eat and work out smartly but, as is often is the case, I had difficulty internalizing her message.

In 2010, on the golf course, my hand went numb. I had suffered a very mild stroke that fortunately left no side effects. I weighed 215 pounds and was taking both blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I became determined to lose some weight and get more exercise. I tried cutting back on the eating and using the treadmill more. And through my efforts, although a little haphazard, I did lose 15 pounds. So, in 2015 I still weighed 200 lbs and had low energy.

It was at that time that I became aware of Kim’s 30 Days to Lean Program. I thought at the time, this may work for me – a prescribed meal plan with recipes, no meetings and coaching from Kim. So I signed up. Over the next few months I went from 200 pounds to 170 pounds and never felt hungry and always felt energetic. The recipes are appetizing and filling. Even more importantly, on top shedding pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are now normal.

We all know that many factors contribute to how long we are going to live. I think it is important that while we are here we feel good about ourselves and our bodies; keep moving as we get older and enjoy life; including food and drink. Kim’s program has helped me understand this and I encouraged others to try her programs. It is an investment in your life.

Dave K.

No Bariatric Surgery – We Hired Kim 30 Days To Lean.

This from Rebecca Eric’s wife: “Eric had gotten a consult for bariatric surgery before we signed up to work with Kim. He was told that he was a candidate. I told him to give it one more go at diet and exercise before we took that drastic step. I am so glad that he has been successful with this plan. A friend of a friend just had bariatric surgery and died postoperatively. So thankful that wasn’t our story! Eric lost 23.6 pounds in 60 days  and best of all he is enjoying eating and believes this lifestyle is sustainable. Thanks Kim!” Rebecca Middlebrook.

My Doctor was in awe at the results. I told him all about 30 Days to Lean.

Had my 6 mos. checkup from Dr Kelsey’s office. Blood work was super, took myself off medication and checked my pressures 4 times a day since April 25. Dr. Kelsey was shocked, asked me as soon as i walked in room what have you done. Told him all about you and what we were eating.  he was pleased, amazed and happy even took me off my meds.  I need to go back in October for repeat blood work but I expect the same results.  I have always felt I was placed on them and maybe never really should have been but now I feel sure I don’t need that. Lynne Qualls

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change make sure to open tomorrow’s email so that you can see if this program is for you.

All My Best,