Personal Lifestyle Stories 30 Days to Lean

Personal Lifestyle Stories 30 Days to Lean

This program has become more than just my passion. It has become my mission in life. Everyday, there are more and more people who are reaching out and know that they need a lifestyle change. And I want you to know that I am here to help you make that transition. Driving this program are couples and now young families too that are working this healthy lifestyle together.

Tomorrow I will send out the details of the program so that if it is your time to make a lifestyle change, you join me.

We begin Monday March 7th.  I will need a commitment to join by Wednesday evening. Don’t worry about the details now. Just read the success stories below and know that these stories are not rarities, but they are occurring regularly for over 2.5 years now. Details to sign up will come tomorrow evening so check your inbox.

One Year After 30 Days to Lean With Kim

I am a 70 year old man enjoying my family, my faith, golf, the beach, gardening, reading, music and yes, food.  I have both an engineering master’s degree and an MBA and worked for over 30 years using both degrees. When I married my wonderful, caring wife 50 years ago, I was 6 feet tall and weighed 135 lbs. The thin man days faded away during my working years as I gained 60 pounds, stopped exercising, and slowly but surely took on high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.  In 2001, my wife and I retired and moved to Florida where we met Kim Miller, founder of Body Smart. Kim has always encouraged me to eat and work out smartly but, as is often is the case, I had difficulty internalizing her message.

In 2010, on the golf course, my hand went numb. I had suffered a very mild stroke that fortunately left no side effects. I weighed 215 pounds and was taking both blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I became determined to lose some weight and get more exercise. I tried cutting back on the eating and using the treadmill more. And through my efforts, although a little haphazard, I did lose 15 pounds. So, in 2015 I still weighed 200 lbs and had low energy.

It was at that time that I became aware of Kim’s 30 Days to Lean Program. I thought at the time, this may work for me – a prescribed meal plan with recipes, no meetings and coaching from Kim. So I signed up. Over the next few months I went from 200 pounds to 170 pounds and never felt hungry and always felt energetic. The recipes are appetizing and filling. Even more importantly, on top shedding pounds, my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers are now normal.

We all know that many factors contribute to how long we are going to live. I think it is important that while we are here we feel good about ourselves and our bodies; keep moving as we get older and enjoy life; including food and drink. Kim’s program has helped me understand this and I encouraged others to try her programs. It is an investment in your life.

Dave K.

No Bariatric Surgery – We Hired Kim 30 Days To Lean.

This from Rebecca Eric’s wife: “Eric had gotten a consult for bariatric surgery before we signed up to work with Kim. He was told that he was a candidate. I told him to give it one more go at diet and exercise before we took that drastic step. I am so glad that he has been successful with this plan. A friend of a friend just had bariatric surgery and died postoperatively. So thankful that wasn’t our story! Eric lost 23.6 pounds in 60 days  and best of all he is enjoying eating and believes this lifestyle is sustainable. Thanks Kim!” Rebecca Middlebrook.

My Doctor was in awe at the results. I told him all about 30 Days to Lean.

Had my 6 mos. checkup from Dr Kelsey’s office. Blood work was super, took myself off medication and checked my pressures 4 times a day since April 25. Dr. Kelsey was shocked, asked me as soon as i walked in room what have you done. Told him all about you and what we were eating.  he was pleased, amazed and happy even took me off my meds.  I need to go back in October for repeat blood work but I expect the same results.  I have always felt I was placed on them and maybe never really should have been but now I feel sure I don’t need that. Lynne Qualls

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change make sure to open tomorrow’s email so that you can see if this program is for you.

All My Best,

Why Gluteal Building Exercises Are Important and What 3 Exercises to Do.

Why Gluteal Building Exercises Are Important and What 3 Exercises to Do.

Gluteus Muscles are Important Muscles of The Hips

The glutes are important muscles of the hips. They set the foundation for proper pelvic alignment and they promote the key movements of hip extension and external rotation.

How Can My Gluts Be Weak – I am Active?

In my practice, I see clients that have poor gluteal strength.  They do not know their gluteus muscles are weak of course, but I know because it is often manifested as hip or back pain.  When the gluteal muscles get weak from sedentary lifestyles or even just from not engaging them often enough in their everyday active lives, they become weak.  I’ll often hear clients say, I can walk all day long my gluts must be strong. But are they? Regular walking ( not up a steep incline)  does little to engage these big powerful muscles fully. The range of motion of the gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus during flat walking is very limited.

Strong Derriere Puts Less Impact on Lower Back/Outer Hips

The key importance of implementing gluteal workouts is more than just to improve  body shape ( although this is valid too).  Rather strong derriere muscles allow for less impact on the other structures of the body that tend to give us pain – namely the hips and the lower back.

If you are having lower back and hip pain, consider that in addition to doing the “normal exercises” we are told to do such as strengthening the abdominal areas to support the back better, and or work on lower back strengtheners to decrease your pain, it is my recommendation to strengthen your gluteus muscles as well. In fact so important are the gluteal muscles in decreasing hip and back pain that in my practice I target your bottom first when time becomes limited.

To get the most out of your glute workouts, be sure to start progressively and with the correct body mechanics. Begin with double leg  exercises advancing to single leg exercises shown below, then progress to the more advanced double legged and single legged power exercises as indicated below. Do 2 -3 sets of each exercise focusing on 10 -15 reps before adding weights. Keep in mind that going 2-5 reps beyond fatigue is absolutely critical to increasing the strength of a muscle.


Back Extension on Bench or Ball

10–15 repetitions

Image result for hip butt extension on a bench

Place the upper back on a weight bench and place a barbell on top of the hips. Start with a light weight at first. Ground both feet solidly into the floor and extend the hips upward to lift the bar up, stopping when the hips reach full extension (do not arch the back). Squeeze the glutes and pause at the top for a second or two before setting the hips back down on the ground. This can also be done on a big ball placing calves on the ball and raising your bottom and squeezing. Use the ball method if the bench feels less comfortable. Begin with no weight if you are new to the exercise.


Single Leg Sit To Stand

10–15 repetitions

Image result for single leg bench squat

Stand with the backs of the legs near a weight bench. Place hands to side away from chest.  Lift the left leg off the floor and balance on the right foot. Lower yourself down until you feel your seat touch the bench briefly and then return to standing using the right leg only. Repeat on the opposite foot and alternate each leg until you complete the repetitions. Add weight by holding to sides of body as body becomes accustomed.

Step Up Power Exercise

10 -15 repetitions

Image result for bench step up for butt

Hold a dumbbell or no weight at all to sides of body. Step up onto a weight bench with the right foot, making sure to stand up by completely opening the hips, and then step down with the right foot. Switch feet, so that the next step-up begins with the left foot. Continue to alternate the feet to complete the repetitions. Progress to adding weight.

You Are Deserving of The Lifestyle You Want



Hi Everyone,

It’s a new year and I hope you are looking forward to new beginnings!
If you haven’t already started thinking about some of the changes you want to make in your own life, you are in good company. I’ve made a few resolutions yes,  but will be refining them as I go about the year. They are not nearly complete in thought, but I feel I am headed in the right direction with taking the extra time to reflect on what I want to do/change about myself this year.
I think that often people disregard making resolutions because they seem so silly when you consider that only 8% of the population adheres to them for longer than one month. Can you blame them for not participating in making such resolutions?  I get the logic –  the  rational brain says stop the cycle of making resolutions one cannot keep. It’s safer to not make resolutions, and one even appears smarter for not participating in such erratic behavior.
But here’s the other side of this thinking. It’s ok to make resolutions. Making changes in our own lives and changing habits keeps us hopeful. And hopefulness keeps us young. We all want to feel younger and look younger, but ironically we rarely look at change and hopefulness as a quality in ourselves that can be the biggest contributor to appearing more youthful.
I don’t know about you, but I prefer to temper my two differing thoughts regarding new year resolutions by taking a softer approach to change. This year like the last few years, I set a few goals, then consider that  I am on a journey, while aiming to make sense of when to  laser focus on change and when to let it gently evolve.

I tell my 30 Days to Lean members that  every change in life we make to better ourselves follows a  U shape.

If you rely solely on your emotions to guide you, it’s likely you’ll give up just as you’re on the uptick again.

Instead, we must be guided by a larger vision for our health and how we want to live our life. We must keep the end goal in sight, even when it’s obscured by complication and frustration.

The process of developing ourselves takes work, but realize you will be navigating a series  of U shapes.

There will be peaks upon which everything seems so clear and your eating and exercise is so on target that you want to share it with everyone and there will be valleys in which you question why you’re even trying at all.

It’s all part of the process, and it’s never ending. However, the key is to remain focused on your vision and embrace the journey.

As famed sculptor Auguste Rodin remarked, ‘Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.’ The peaks, the valleys, and the struggles in between are all useful in pointing you toward the life that you want to live. Nothing is wasted. And importantly, you must remember that you are deserving of the lifestyle you want for yourself.

All My Best and Happy New Year!
* Please invite your friends and families to join my newsletter by going to my website and signing up.
* This year is the year I encourage all of you to Bring Your Family With You In Health.” Stay tuned. It’s how we all do better.

* Mark your calendars for January 19th at Serenata Beach Club. I will be talking about why men and women both need to focus on muscle and how best to achieve physical strength without living in a gym.

* Next 30 Days to Lean begins Monday February 6th. Don’t let the program name fool you. This is a lifestyle program.

Sign up for January 30 Day to Lean Program Before the Holidays!

Hi  Everyone,

There are only a couple of weeks left to sign up for the January 30 Days To Lean program (starts Jan 2nd).

If you have been thinking about joining but haven’t quite committed yet, please read a bit more here about the program.

As you know I am not about diet tactics but about real lifestyle change. People ask me, how can they lose that much weight in 30 and 60 days?  So many members lose 10, 15, and 20 pounds in just 30 Days! Well here’s the thing, when you are eating real food in abundance and without all the preservatives, additives, highly inflammatory foods, and sugars/ and carbohydrates, you feel better and look better.

And when someone (me) makes is super easy for you to get organized with all of the recipes, daily meal plans and grocery lists and is there to support you through the program, it ensures success. It´s that simple.

What can YOU expect in 30 days?

You can expect exactly what my members have been seeing each and every month that goes by:
” My doctor says I can get off blood pressure meds!” Lynne Q.
” My stomach is disappearing.” Matt R.
“My tryglycerides are now in a normal range.” Christine P.
“I have less aches and pains and my joints feel better.” Peter
“I have kept 14 pounds off for over one year. These 14 pounds were making me miserable and Kim showed me how to do it. It is so easy to maintain because I make better food choices naturally and I do not feel deprived! Charlotte.
As I write this a text has just come in from a PHI member. He says I am down 19.8 total pounds after 21 days. I am noticing a change in thought behind the foods I choose to eat if I am at a restaurant or out and about.

Below are some of the reasons members decide to join the plan:

– get healthy. – get blood sugar under control

– lose weight in the middle

– feel better

– age better

– get off medications

– help my husband

– help my wife

– sleep better

– feel better while traveling

– get rid of  body inflammation

– my doctor said I must lose weight

– get off diabetic meds

– be less winded when traveling

– play better golf

– play better tennis

– just feel good again

– live long enough to see grandkids marry and have kids

– my reunion is coming up

– stop being so tired

– increase my energy

– look better

– be less agitated

– keep up with my spouse

– enjoy life more

It’s Simple:

1. Sign up before the program starts in January (deadline Dec 28)

2. Receive weekly emails with daily meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists.

3. Record your weight loss via texting weekly.

4. Lose anywhere from 8 – 18 pounds in 30 days. A few members have lost even more!

5. Get total support from me, via text, email, or telephone calls. It really is that easy. It’s so low key, no meetings, no stress, yet fully supported that once you begin the program, you’ll be so glad you did not wait another month.
When you sign up today, you’ll say what Johanna a past 30 day member said to me, “This is one of the best decisions I ever made!”

It’s Gonna be Fun!


Three Steps To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain: Knowledge vs. Implementation

During the holidays, people are aware of what they should or shouldn’t be eating, and aware of how much simply snacking on alternative healthy snacks can make a difference in holiday weight gain. But, few make the move to implement this practice.

When people are time constricted, in convivial carefree spirits, and there are festive foods and drinks all around, it can take a  huge amount of will power and motivation not to over indulge and gain weight.

Here’s the thing: food and drink tips are obsolete if we cannot implement them.  What to do? Here is a 3 step approach that is practical and smart.


Three Steps:

  1. Develop a new perspective. The holiday season is no time to expect herculean will power. Accept that this time of year you are at a high risk for holiday weight gain and for not maintaining your fitness goals. Be realistic. Have a plan but do not be too hard on yourself.
  2. Develop a plan for weight maintenance. Ironically we have a plan for most everything in our lives but when it comes to health maintenance we expect a healthy weight should come naturally. Dieting is outdated thinking so forget about super low  calorie restriction as research shows many people end up increasing their body mass index even further.
  3. Develop an off course plan. Many people are stuck in the self berating system of punishment for overindulgence or poor eating practices. They may engage in silly behaviors such as longer and more difficult workouts, as well as severely restricted daily calories.  Do the opposite.  A few days of poor eating and drinking practices calls for a few days of pampering ourselves. It is difficult on the mind, body, and soul to feel out of control of our normal routines, so why would we punish ourselves further?  My off course plan: One day of low  intensity exercise such as  walking, biking or strolling outdoors. Then, also do the following:
  •    Lots of water including my favorite Pellegrino mineral water.
  •   Reading time that gets me thinking forward again.
  •   A warm bath just prior to bed and before an early 6 pm dinner.
  •   Early to bed and lots of rest.


My Personal Plan for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain:


  • Make a weekly schedule of parties/dinners attending.
  • Plan on exercising longer  the day of the event. I use this technique not as a calorie burner but as a confidence builder. I am less apt to eat and drink poorly  if I feel good about myself. Exercise is a confidence builder and keeps me centered.
  • Schedule tennis or another activity with a friend the morning after an event.  I disappoint myself if I feel I played poorly due to poor eating/drinking habits. For me competition is a huge motivator to eat and drink modestly
  • Lastly, I consistently ask myself what I want to feel like when the holidays are over. I never want to feel I am beginning over. I understand how food and drink overindulgence can change life’s outlook on life, and I know  there is a direct correlation between what I eat and drink and how I feel about life. It makes all the difference.
  • If I overindulge I am quick to get right back to my regular routine and even throw in a little self pampering.  Research shows that people who quickly get back to their dietary routines and exercise are the most successful at maintaining their health and their weight. See step 3 below.


Considering dietary tips to prevent weight gain during the holidays is important.  But what is more important is gaining a healthy lifelong perspective and having a few individualized tactics to help you along during “high risk” times such as the holiday season. Consider spending time during the holidays to find your own motivation and create an individualized plan of health and happiness for you.